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Special Events

1/27- Somatic Surrender- Altamonte Springs Co-Ed Breathwork Session

Founder of Enter the Inner Temple, Sakina, and Imane + Jared of Energy Wheel are honored to bring forth an evening of expression and conscious community!

Join us for a guided somatic breathwork inner journey led by Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist, Sakina Manji. Imane and Jared will be creating a live sound experience during the session, and ending the session with a sound bath. We will end the night with a potluck, drum circle, and mindful community!

1/28 - I AM- Women's Creative Immersion Evening Event

On 1/28, we will intentionally gather to honor and uplift the wholeness of our being- harnessing ALL facets of what makes up brilliant and beautiful YOU. Making intentional space to go within, like a Chrysalis, we embrace all of the experiences, trials, and triumphs that make us the walking prayer that we are.

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Sakina is an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist and Somatic Breathwork Practitioner based out of Central Florida. She brings people to a space of clarity and connection within themselves through embodiment practices so that they may step into the world from a place of TRUTH instead of their wounds. She truly believes that if you are unaware of what your breath and body can do for you, you are not even truly alive yet. Breathwork invites you to deepen your presence and mind-body awareness, feeling the full spectrum of the human experience.

Sakina continues to study under the leading names in Mind-body connection, Trauma, and Somatic Experiencing, including Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Bessel Van der Kolk, and more. Her extensive research and studies have landed her in a space of deep understanding of the mind-body connection while rapidly growing a community of clients that are transforming and living out their fullest potential- making her a powerhouse of trauma-informed nervous system regulation and conscious community in Central Florida.

Sakina is known for her group sessions that provide a safe container for people to express themselves, feel fully, and process their experiences with supported integration. She is also available for 1 on 1 and small group sessions.

If you are ready to bring forth your desires from a space of clarity and connection to yourself, or if you’d like to book Sakina for a session, feel free to connect with Sakina through Instagram or email.


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Ways We can Work TogetHEr

Sakina offers In Person sessions and Virtual Sessions through Zoom. If you have any questions regarding booking an appointment, please check the FAQ page or reach out by email.

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